FLOW JORDAN is a leading company specializing in investment in potentially outstanding companies at the growth and start-up stages. FLOW JORDAN operates both as an Angel fund, and as a VC, depending on the appropriate stages of the portfolio companies. FLOW JORDAN provides close and ongoing supervision, assistance, and support, including active involvement in management decisions when required. 

FLOW JORDAN comprises a management team that has been intimately involved with technological growth companies for over a decade, and has extensive experience preparing companies for funding rounds, business management, and business plan development. In addition, we mentor companies from advanced stages of development to the point when they become leading, global companies. We focus on milestones and cash flow, when the company’s goal is an exit in the form of acquisition/merger or issue of shares within five to seven years.
FLOW JORDAN has successfully led eight funding rounds with Angel investors and large institutional entities, and serves on Boards of Directors, or as observer to Boards of Directors.


  • Yossi Levi

    CEO and Co-Founder of Flow Jordan

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    Yossi Levi is Co-Founder and CEO of Flow Jordan Investment firm, CEO of TODOS and board member and observer in leading start-up companies.

    Yossi has extensive experience in financial risk management and consulting to early-stage companies.

  • Asaf Levi

    CEO & Founder of Flow Group​

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    Asaf Levi brings over 15 years of experience in banking and finance. Asaf previously served as Senior Investment Manager in Clal Finance and managed over NIS 350,000,000. Asaf currently serves as director at NRGene, and Jeeng, and is a director and consultant in other companies.

  • Tzefi Rigler

    Partner at Flow Jordan

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    Entrepreneur, Investor with over 18 years of experience with startups and technology companies.

    With vast experience and passion for Strategy, Business Development, and Product development.

     His entrepreneurial background serves to truly help Founders succeed.

    Since 2015 focuses on private investments in startups and consulting to early-stage companies.

  • Gal Zarchi

    Head of Research & Analysis​​

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    Gal Zarchi is Flow's chief analyst and risk manager for VC investment, and has deep understanding of various game changing technological markets. The VC analysis identifies possible macro-level market trajectories and predicts risks & expected return on investment. 

    Gal is a student in law (LL.b) & financial economics (M.A) with focus on game theory field of research, and has 5 year experience investing in multiple real-estate and stock market financial assets.



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