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We at FLOW JORDAN are committed to high quality investment strategies arising from an in-depth and unique analysis of the target company. In addition to examination of technological, legal, contractual, economic, and personal aspects, we spend an extended period of time with the target company to familiarize ourselves with, and achieve a comprehensive understanding of the company, the market, and the economic potential. We see this process as essential since we are responsible for the finances of many investors. We therefore continue with only those companies that meet all the criteria of this screening process. Our ongoing relationship with a chosen company includes joint construction of the business plan, cash flow, and establishment of milestones for continued evaluation.


The extensive experience of the FLOW JORDAN team, like the performance of portfolios of our target companies, reflects our ability to invest at the right time in quality companies, at attractive valuation, and at the correct entry point.


In the FLOW Group, we believe that supporting research and development is crucial - but this is just the first step. Together with our partners, we explore all the aspects that can turn a successful startup into a winning, profitable global company. We assist with business plans and the execution of every phase throughout this process. We help the CFO manage cash flow as we believe that well-managed cash flow is the lifeblood of a company. We help companies set their priorities, and ultimately lead them to an IPO or exit at the highest valuation possible.

In addition, we assist with the development of strategies for dealing with competition and help plan ways of achieving a large market share, as we usually choose to tackle with BTB or BTG strategies. Penetrating the market and achieving brand recognition are difficult, but once achieved the position of the company is secure.

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Understand the exit
Ultimately, all successful startups must exit at some point

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