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NRGene is a cloud-based genomics big-data solution provider whose applications include medical research, as well as plant and animal breeding.


Our solutions have reduced genome mapping and assembly, from years and millions of dollars to a turnkey technology solution, requiring only a few weeks at a fraction of the cost. With our interdisciplinary team of bioinformaticians, geneticists, and breeders, NRGene is continuously refining our big-data tools for advanced genomic research, encouraging diversity in medical research, and plant and animal breeding.


Our unique advanced computational tools and cutting-edge algorithmic models have been adopted by leading seed companies worldwide, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions. To date we have assembled and compared hundreds of genomes from over 300 different organisms, including the world’s first wheat genome, a feat previously considered all but impossible due to its large scale. Other successful projects include maize, soy, tomato, cattle, and rainbow trout.


As research now moves towards the era of pan-genomics, our platforms analyze, synchronize, and share genomic data across hundreds of individuals, making them applicable to human genetic research and personalized medicine.

NRGene Team

Gil Ronen, PhD

Founder & CEO

Prior to establishing NRGene, Dr. Ronen was extensively involved in plant genomics at Compugen (Nasdaq: CGEN) and the AgBio discovery company Evogene (Nyse: EVGN) where he held the position of Chief Scientist and VP of Intellectual Property.


Dr. Ronen holds a BSc in Agronomy and a PhD in Plant Genetics, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Guy Kol

SVP Product & Strategic Alliances

Mr. Kol has 15 years of experience in industrial computational biology. From 2005 to 2007, he served as the Bioinformatics team leader of Evogene, where he collaborated with Dr. Ronen.


Mr. Kol holds a BSc in Computer Science, Biology, and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, MSc in Human Genetics from Tel Aviv University, and an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA

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Kobi Baruch, PhD

VP Production & Professional Services

Dr. Baruch joined NRGene in 2011 where he held several key roles in the R&D team before assuming his latest position.


He has extensive experience in computational and molecular biology and holds a BSc in computer science and biology from Bar Ilan University, an MSc in genomics and bioinformatics, a PhD in molecular genetics and microbiology from the Hebrew University, and an MBA from the Ono Academic College.

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