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Todos Technologies develops a variety of sensors, based on proprietary, patented technology of an IR [Infrared] sensor device invented by Prof Yael Nemirovsky and further enhanced and developed by a Technion based team in the Electrical Engineering Department.


The invention is a micro-fabricated transistor that serves as a ‘low capacity’ well-isolated receptor which heats up rapidly when hit by IR photons, thereby changing the electrical characteristics of the transistor, and detecting emissions from the IR-source object.


 The unique sensors, TMOS (Thermal) and GMOS (gas), are manufactured using a Standard Semiconductor process which is a combination of ‘off the shelf’ CMOS-SOI and MEMS process. These are relatively inexpensive and are commercially available from multiple suppliers.


These sensors provide unprecedented performance in two domains: The sensitivity is one order of magnitude (10X) higher than existing sensors, response time is proportionately faster, and power requirements are significantly lower, thereby extending battery life significantly; in addition, the standard manufacturing process yields an overall low-cost solution (about 5 to 10 times lower than existing alternatives).


Most of the patents are owned by the Technion institute.


These patents are licensed, exclusively to Todos Technologies for commercialization.

Todos Team

Prof. Emeritus Yael Nemirovsky

Founder, Board member and Chief Scientist

Prof. Nemirovsky is a IEEE life Fellow, Pioneer in Infrared Focal Plane Arrays and Optical MEMS and has co-authored hundreds of papers and numerous patents. She has collaborated with leading global industries and has been honored several times with awards from Intel and IBM.

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Shmuel Melman

Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Crow Technologies 1977 Ltd.

Shmuel is a leading Designer and Manufacturer of Alarm Systems at Crow Technologies, a company which employs over 800 personnel in Israel and at several branches outside Israel.  Shmuel Melman is a world-renowned expert and leader in sensors and sensing systems with proven business success as an entrepreneur.

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Yossi Levi

CEO & Board Member

Co-Founder and CEO of Flow Jordan investment firm, board member and observer in several leading start-up companies. Yossi has extensive experience in financial risk management and consulting to early-stage companies. 

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