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Excellence is a matter of routine, a way of life, a constant aspiration to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and set greater objectives for the future.


FLOW JORDAN believes in active involvement. We serve on the Board of Directors of Portfolio Companies, up to the level of full management (CEO). Past experience of the FLOW JORDAN team, as seen in portfolio performance of our target companies, highlights our ability to invest in reputable companies at attractive valuation, at the optimal time and point of entry.

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"The FLOW team combines experience, high motivation, integrity, and a focus on success. While working with FLOW we have had the pleasure and honor of being involved with a group of committed, hard-working people who, from the very beginning, were determined to help us achieve our full potential and take us to the top. With the FLOW team on board, our startup took a quantum leap."

Gil Ronen, PhD, Founder & CEO


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Jerusalem, Israel

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