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BTB is the largest P2Pleading platform in Israel/ The platform began operating four years ago, founded by Adv. Shlomi Turgeman and Alon Katz, who also serve as CEOs. The company's board of directors include Prof. Adi Ayal (Chairman of the Board), Danny Chrust, Dr. Yael Benjamini and Eli Kadosh - who are among the best economic experts in Israe. The company employes 20 employees.


Our technology brings together borrowers and lenders to create mutual profit. Lenders are private individuals or businesses that wish to obtain superior yield on their money, and the borrowers are small and medium-sized businesses (”SME”) with at least two years of performance, who undergo a thorough screening process.


The Israeli public owns 600 billion NIS in deposits and bank current accounts with zero interest (”Deposits”). Banks lend the deposits to SME’s and individuals for s-18% per year while the bank alone, gain all the return as a profit. BTB enables the general public to do what the bank does, and to receive the interest that the bank charges. BTB’s technology, together with analysts and professionals, locate and sort quality borrowers, determine appropriate interest rate for the loan, and manage the entire course of the loan.

BTB Team

Shlomi Turgeman

Co-founder & CEO at BTB

Prior to joining BTB, Shlomi spent 13 years working as founding partner at S. Turgeman Attorneys at Law, Acted as an expert corporate client and shareholders on issues of litigation, restructuring, financing, and joint ventures.

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Alon Katz

Co-founder & CEO at BTB

Former Investment Advisor in the Investment Center of Sidcount Bank. A veteran of six years in the capital markets and has an MBA. 

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